Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Emotions

I have really enjoyed the learning process of watching Laci learn and test out new emotions.  I think children are born fearless.  I still haven't decided if Laci is scared of anything or just pretends to be for attention or because we read it in a Berenstain Bear book.  But we sleep with a night light because occasionally she says she is afraid of the dark and monsters.  She hides behind me when we go places because she says she is shy.  She is not shy.  And now she is developing embarrassment.  There is that point where parents are embarrassed at their toddlers and the limitless innocence they have in public - loud inappropriate comments or inapprorpiate behavior.  And then there is that point where our preschoolers are embarassed by us.  A few weeks ago, Laci told me that she doesn't want to have friends over because we are too stinky and toot too much.  This is odd for many reasons.  One - we have never had a play date or even talked about having a play date with one of her school friends.  Two - we do not toot too much!!!  I assured her that if she ever had a friend over, we would not toot with them around.  We would not be a stinky family when others are nearby. 

The other day, we were at my in-laws.  Laci got sick and had a little accident in her pants.  I panicked when I realized I didn't have any clean underwear and we were about to have a 90 minute drive home.  I really didn't want to be stuck in the car if she got sick again. So I put a pull up on her.  She was okay with that plan but told me not to tell anyone except Daddy.  She didn't want me to tell her grandma or grandpa.  She was embarrassed.  I thought it was very interesting that she would be embarrassed.  This is the same girl that doesn't think twice about doing so many other embarrassing things.  But the emotion of embarrassment is definitely being developed in her right now.  More things for me to think about - how to help her deal with embarrassment.  I can see this leading to shame and how to deal with peer pressure....  Always more questions, never any answers. 

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