Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Favorite conversation with Laci this weekend...

After we walked to the pool to "dip our feet" in the water to see if it was warm, we started walking back home.  Our feet were still wet because I didn't bring a towel.  It was 90 degrees so I figured we would dry quickly.  But Laci stepped in a mud puddle.  
Laci, in angry voice: "Mom, you should have brought a towel!"  
Me: "I didn't know you would be stepping in mud.  You will be dry.  You'll be fine. Do you want to ride your bike home?"  
Laci: "No, I do not want to get the bike wet and muddy."
Me, a few minutes later: "Are you ready for your bike yet?"
Laci, still angry and yelling: "No, I am still muddy.  I am not riding my bike.  I am not going to tell you again...  Why did you not bring a towel!!!  You need to remember a towel!!!"
Me: "I don't know."  I was just trying not to laugh.

A little later, we went to the pool, with swimsuits and towels.  As we were about to walk near the puddle, I reminded her not to step in the mud.  But it was too late.  She stepped in the mud the moment I started to say "Don't step in the mud."  I reminded her that I have a towel and she can dry off.  She replied with "Good, you finally learned your lesson!"  
I didn't have the heart to remind her that she should have learned her lesson by not stepping in the mud a second time too!

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