Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Pants Are Too Short!

Years ago, I remember one of the parents I babysat for telling me about when they put their two year old in shorts for the first time that summer.  He kept pulling at his shorts trying to pull them down.  It's funny to think about how different shorts would be for someone who can only remember wearing pants.  I think of this story every summer when I pull out the summer clothes.  When the weather finally warmed up last week, I put Laci in some capris.  It didn't seem too traumatic until the drive home from school that afternoon.  She told me that she wrote a song that day when she was playing outside.  When I asked her to sing it for me, this was her song - "My pants are too short.  They don't cover my ankles.  My ankles are bare.  My pants are too short.  They don't cover my ankles."  Apparently, it was more traumatic then I thought.  I decided to put her in shorts this week because of the warm (HOT!) weather.  But I warned her the night before so she wouldn't be too surprised the next morning!  :)

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