Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miss Chievous

I often call my mom "the Clothes Fairy".  She loves shopping and buying kids clothes.  She is a magnet for deals and has some amazing finds.  This is great because I don't have time to shop and I hate shopping.  It's win / win for both of us.  Ever since Laci has been born, her clothes just appear in her closet whenever I need them.  It's like magic.  I was starting to panic this spring when I realized that summer was coming and I didn't have any summer clothes for her.  Right now she is in between a 4 and 5.  I should never worry.  Sunday, I went through all the things I had bought, plus the bag of clothes from my mom that she gave us at Easter plus I found some things from last summer that she had bought that were size 5.  Suddenly an entire drawer was filled with size 4 and 5 t-shirts.  She is good to go.  I told Laci how surprised that I was that we had so many clothes for her.  We tried to figure out where they all came from and decided it was magic. 

Last night, I told Laci she was being mischievous.  She asked who Chievous was - as in Miss Chievous.  She decided that Miss Chievous must have been who put all those clothes in her drawer.  So my mom is no longer the Clothes Fairy.  She is now Miss Chievous! 

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