Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Mommy Club

I am convinced that all Mom's are part of an exclusive Mommy Club.  As such, there is an unwritten vow we all take to look out after all children.  When Laci was about a year or two old, she was quite the "darter".  She didn't listen much either.  It wasn't uncommon for you to see Laci running and me chasing after her at the grocery store, park, parking lots, etc.   And what I learned is there was usually a mother that stopped her before she got too far or in the parking lot.  It made me worry just a smidge less.  A mother can't see a child without someone and not stop them from going into danger.  It's in our blood.  Mother's stop running children.  We help children at parks get off the playground equipment, we push them on the swings, we stop them from running away. I was reminded of this today when Laci ran off at Target.  She really has gotten much better and doesn't dart off as much.  But pretty soon Calvie will be running too and I will be so grateful again for the Mommy Club!

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