Monday, May 9, 2011

Fevers and Mother's Intuition

When it comes to fevers, I have zero mother's intuition.  I don't know what to do!  Do I take them to the doctor or what a few days for it to pass?  Am I the crazy mother who takes their kids to the doctor for "just a fever"?  Am I the crazy mom who tries to take their sick children to daycare?  Yes, Yes, Yes.  I freak out over fevers.  One reason is because of the daycare.  I can't stay home for every little fever.  The kids have to stay home for any fever over 100 for a day.  I can't wait 3 days to see if the fever breaks on their own.  If they have an infection or something, I need medicine for them that day to get them over the fever.  I don't want to get the other kids school and if my kids need to stay home because they are sick, they need to stay home.  But if they are not sick and just a little warm...  Plus, I worry too much about Calvin given his history of ear infections.  Saturday, he took a long nap in the morning and woke up with a fever of 103 and he was super lethargic.  Do I take him in or not?  It's Saturday so I could wait a day and see.  But we have a house full of family and his baptism is the next day.  So I took him to medcheck and sure enough, he had an ear infection and got some antibiotics.  I guess he wasn't one of those kids that all ear infections went away with the tubes.  The fever finally broke at about 4:30 on Saturday and he seemed fine of Sunday.  He was fussy and didn't eat much but I figured it was because of all the people and events going on.  But sure enough, the fever came back on Monday.  By noon it was 102.8 again and I was on my way to pick him up.  Again, do I take him in or not?  Is the infection going away or is there another reason the fever came back?  In the past, after the antibiotic started, the fevers went away.  So the crazy mom I am took him to his doctor.  Of course, by the time we got there, the ibuprofen had kicked him and he was starting to get back to his old self but fussy because it was nap time.  The doctor said he looked good and is on the mend.  Crazy mom can relax.  I even got a note from her so he can go back to school tomorrow.  Of course, the fever came back after his nap this afternoon so I still worry.  We'll re-evaluate in the morning that he is okay to go back.  Charlie will stay home with him.  I have two vacation days left and we have a trip planned later this month.  And I will worry again and wonder for awhile if I should bring them in before I bring in.

Is the daycare to blame for Calvin's infections and cold this year?  I don't think so.  It's easy to blame them.  Laci did great the first year at daycare and wasn't sick very much at all.  She was two before she had her first ear infection.  Unfortunately, it has just been a rough winter/spring for the little guy. 

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  1. Poor guy, and poor mama too! I totally get your stress. I'm more of a "wait it out" person, but that's in part because I have an awesome employer who gets it. I ask myself these same questions all the time though. Currently it's "is he rubbing his ear due to teething or something else??"