Monday, November 28, 2011

Our week of Thanksgiving - aka A Week of Family Fun

Our Thanksgiving week was family packed.  But that is what Thanksgiving is supposed to be.  I can't think of anything I am more Thankful for than them.  Quick Recap - 

Sunday - Clean house frantically after church.  Cousins arrive.  Play day. 
Monday - Play day with cousins at home.  Chuck E Cheese.
Tuesday - Laci went to the Children's Museum with cousins.  Calvin got to go to school.  Yippee.  
Wednesday - Play day with cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Thursday - Turkey Trot for Charlie and me.  Charlie had a great finishing time.  I was about average.  But I successfully completed by 400 miles goal!  Christmas picture for the grandkids, play time, Thanksgiving dinner with great grandparents included.  I wish we could have taken a big family picture or at least some of the kids with their great grandparents but it never happened. 
Friday - Play day, drive to my families Thanksgiving.  Play with cousins, Euchre tournament
Saturday - Play day, shopping, Muppet Movie, Family pictures (thank goodness for photoshop!), drive home later
Sunday - Recuperate, laundry, clean the house.

It's so fun to watch Laci play with her cousins.  On Charlie's side it is two boys - 5 and 2.  She plays great with the 5 year old.  They are constantly one-upping each other, the best that a 4 year old and a 5 year old can.  They really do get along well.  The 2 year old tries to keep up with them.  Next year, he and Calvin can be buddies.  In my family, the cousins are older (12, 12, 11, 11, 10, 3).  She has two girl cousins (10 and 11) that she works so hard to keep up with.  They play with her so well.  She loves playing with "the girls".  It's fun to watch her with the bigger girls and be exposed to a little different stuff.  I always tell her that she is so lucky to have her "big cousins" to take care of her.  When her 3 year old cousin was born, we thought he would be her buddy but he keeps up with the big boys and she is with the girls.  I hope Calvin can join the boy group too when he is a little older.  

I think a month of thankfulness is a good way to kick off the Christmas season.  I love starting new traditions with my family and continuing old ones!

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