Friday, November 4, 2011


I know it is common to teach young children sign language to help communicate.  We are definitely in that difficult year where Calvin knows what he wants but it is difficult to communicate with him.  We don't understand what he is trying to say.  At school, they have taught him the sign for "more" (tapping his fingers together).  I know I should be grateful for this help but I am not so sure I am.  Now at every meal, he is constantly tapping his fingers for more, more, more!  :)  When he is hungry, he just walks around the house signing, more, more, more.  I am not sure it means "More" to Calvin.  I am starting to think it means "Give me food!"  

On the talking front, he says Ball very clearly.  I also hear him try to say Banana (his favorite food in the whole wide world!, Boon (balloon) and Up.  He has always had a very clear sign to be picked up.  It is holding his arms up but he does a little flick of his wrist to really mean up, not just holding his arms up.  He is babbling a lot so I hope that words aren't too far behind.  

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