Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So Close to the Finish Line...

Running Update:  Today I was just about to give up on running.  For the last few weeks, everything hurts.  Last night my joints and legs hurt so bad, I wanted to cry.  This morning, walking was better but I just wanted to quit.  But I was 9 miles from my goal of 400 miles.  How can I be so close and quit?  Then I got to the gym and I got the magic treadmill!  Treadmill Number 5 is my magic treadmill.  Lately, if I am on any other treadmill, I can get 3 miles and have to push it hard to get to 4 miles but they are slow miles with lots of walking.  On my magic treadmill today, I got 4.1 miles in at a quick speed (7.2).  Even Fast Guy next to me commented.  I have little nicknames for all the people at the gym just like Charlie has little nicknames for the people he sees on his daily runs.  Fast Guy is always my inspiration and if I can run next to him, I can usually push myself.  I told him that I was on my Magic Treadmill.  He suggested that I mark the treadmill with some orange tape on the bottom so I can find it when they relocate the gym to a new building next week.  Surely, they won't renumber the treadmills.  I hope it doesn't take me long to find my magic treadmill again.  

Of my three running goals, I never got to run a race with my brother and I didn't complete a 10k race.  But now I am less than 5 miles from my 400 miles goal.  I must achieve it!  I am momentarily rejuvenated even though I think everything will hurt tonight.  I am signed up to run a Turkey Trot with Charlie on Thanksgiving and I think I can hit my 400 miles then.  The run begins and ends in the McDonald's parking lot so I am planning to treat myself with a McDonald's Peppermint Mocha after the run.  And take the month of December off if I so choose. :)

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