Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Terms of Endearment - Buddy, Sissy and Goober

Where I grew up, we didn't have Buddy and Sissy.  Here Bud and Sis are everywhere.  We found out about Sis when Laci was little and still an only child.  At the daycare, there are several teachers that use the nickname "Sissy" or "Sis" on every little girl.  It sounds so strange to me, especially when the little girl is not a sister.  I guess Sis is not short for Sister in that sense.  I have heard several others outside of her school use it on their little girls too.  All little boys are "Buddy" or "Bud".  I must confess - I use Bud and Buddy on Calvin all the time.  Laci is "Sweetie", "Dear" or "Honey" to me.  I didn't realize how much I called her that until she started calling me "Dear" too and her stuffed animals are "Sweeties".  Charlie calls her "Sweetheart".  "Sweetie" is me to him.  At one point, Laci referred to everyone's sons and daughters as their "Sweetheart".  I thought it was cute when she told me that I am grandma's sweetheart.  I use "Buddy" so much that I catch myself calling Laci "Bud" too.  Now Laci is referring to herself as "Sissy" as in "Calvin, come to Sissy".  I always correct her because I don't like "Sissy".  But Buddy is apparently fine to me.  I don't know why.  I should probably stick to Little Guy for him because a friend of mine's dog's name is Buddy.  It's definitely better suited for a pup. 
Here is my "bad mom" confession.  My kids are goobers.  No, not just that they are goobers but they know they are goobers.  For some reason, I started calling the kids Goobers when they did gooberish things.  I supposed I should have gone with Silly as in "You are so silly..."  I thought "You're such a dork" was rude and all the other terms from my childhood were mean so apparently I landed on Goobers for them.  I didn't think much of it until Laci started calling herself a Goober and Calvin a Goober.  I really hope that she understands the context it is taken in (love) and that I don't give her a complex by calling her a Goober!  Maybe we should start a therapy fund to go with the college fund!

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