Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Daddy? Curious Laci's want to know...

Today we had some reminders that Laci watches everything we do.  Charlie is a huge newspaper reader.  He does not like online newspapers and still gets the regular daily paper - 3 in fact.  We get the local paper, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal everyday.  Today at lunch, as Charlie was browsing the paper, Laci asked him why he likes the paper so much.  Charlie loves to learn and the newspaper has been how he knows about everything all the time.  I hope Laci has that curious mind to learn too.  I hope she is learning how to learn by watching him read the paper every day.

Tonight we went to Taco Bell for dinner.  I know it's not Friday but we were out of town this Friday.  As we were eating and chatting, Laci piped in and asked Charlie why he doesn't like lids or straws.  He never uses them.  It's a small detail that we didn't even realize she noticed.  But she is very good at detail and watches everything we do!

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