Sunday, November 20, 2011

My challenge

I hestitate to write this entry but with everything going on in the world, it has been pulling at me.  I don't want to be preaching or politically or talk about things I do not know.  I certainly do not have all the answers - or any answers.  I don't even know all the questions. 

One of Charlie's favorite sayings is "You can't legislate morality".  Think about it.  It's true.  There have always been bad guys and there will always be bad guys. The government can't change that.  I'm not saying we should roll over and give up.  I'm saying we should pray.  What amazing things could God do if we all prayed...  and we all listened.

Charlie and I tithe.  I try not to share that too much because it is a very personally decision to do that.  But I have shared with others why we tithe.  Because God told us too.  It's that simple.  I have heard people say that Jesus would have been a socialist.  Maybe so.  I don't know.  But the biggest gift that God gave us is free will.  I think that Jesus wants us to take care of each other because we want to.  Not because the government told us too.  Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we all gave because we chose to.  What amazing things could God do if we all tithed.  If we all gave more.  That is my challenge to myself in the upcoming year.  To do more.  To give more.  With my money, my time and myself.  I don't know what that means.  But I pray that I find out.

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