Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Laci's Views on Heaven

Last night, Laci and I had the sweetest chat.  Of course, it ended with a full blown tantrum complete with spankings, crying and waking her cousins up.  But let's not dwell on that.  Because it is Thanksgiving, we were talking about family and everyone we are going to see this week.  Charlie's brother and his family have been staying with us the last couple of days and she is having a great time with her cousins.  She mentioned "the brothers" (that is how she refers to Charlie and his brother) and how happy their Mom and Dad will be when they are all together Wednesday.  We talked about her great grandparents.  She only has two great grandparents left.  They are Charlie's grandparents and they will be at Thanksgiving.  She mentioned Grandma Price.  That is my grandma that I got to introduce her to by old home videos last week.  She told me that Grandma Price is her favorite because she is so special to me.  I reminded her that Grandma Price is in heaven so we started talking about heaven.  To her, Heaven is walking in the clouds.  In Heaven, we are going to meet all of her great grandparents.  I will probably already be there when she gets there so I told her that I would introduce her to them.  I started to tear up thinking about getting to introduce my special grandma to my special daughter.  She was concerned because she can't remember everyone's names.  I reminded her that when she gets to heaven, she will know everything she needs to know.  Her other big concern which she has shared with me before is that she won't get to take her toys to heaven.  I told her that we don't know what heaven is like so maybe there are toys up there.  She said with that duh voice, "Mo-om (always two syllables), I always look out the window when we are driving and I don't see any toys in the clouds!".  She followed it up with "The only thing I know about Heaven is that there is a giant beanstalk up there."  My tears turned to laughter.  She also said that she hopes Grandma Price is safe up there from the giant.  I reminded her that I am sure God is keeping Grandma Price safe up there.  
I love how her little mind works - all of this stuff we throw at her must be pretty confusing!

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