Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You to the Unknown Mother

Tonight at Taco Bell, I took Laci to the restroom.  When I came back, Calvin was choking and throwing up.  Charlie wasn't sure what to do.  And another mother was helping him.  Apparently, he started choking on something, then he starting throwing up his dinner.  Charlie only had a few napkins.  The choking brought the attention of a nearby mother who came over to help... and bring napkins.  I was very thankful.  After I got there, Calvin was about done and started to calm down and she went back to her family.  I only had a chance to give her a quick thank you and picked him up to hug him.  I wanted to thank her again before she left but she quietly left with her family.  So thank you to her.  I really appreciate you helping me take care of my family!

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